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A Course for Male Survivors of Relationship Violence

This course recognises that men are not always the perpetrators of family/domestic violence. Mens Toolbox provides support services for men, particularly men as survivors of domestic and relationship violence. By completing this course, you should be able to identify the various types of violence and whether you are living in a toxic relationship. This course is recommended for ages 18+


How a Safe Word can save your Relationship!

In this short course you will learn the 'what, when and how' of Safe Word etiquette, and how it can save your relationship. A Safe Word is simply a circuit breaker. It can be used during an argument or even when you are feeling overwhelmed and need time out before it turns into an argument. The concept is designed to both prevent and disarm arguments respectfully. This course is recommended for ages 18+


The YOU Program

The YOU Program provides an opportunity for individuals aged 18 years and over to increase self-awareness and improve mental health, overall health and wellbeing. You will gain an improved understanding of the key factors that contribute to the relationship you have with yourself and others. In this short course you will learn how to identify your personality type and understand the importance of self-care. This course is recommended for ages 18+

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