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Terms and Conditions of Use

Terms of Use

The information provided on this web site is the property of Mens Toolbox Australia (ABN 23554615450), unless stated otherwise.

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully as they administer your interaction with this Website. By accessing the website, you agree to these Terms and Conditions.

Purpose of this website

The Mens Toolbox website has been developed to provide information and resources about relationships, family separation and mental health to the Australian community.

The Website is not a substitute for professional medical or legal advice, diagnosis or treatment. Prior to making any personal decisions regarding mental health or legal matters you are required to seek advice of the appropriately qualified healthcare or legal professional. You should not avoid professional medical or legal advice due to any information provided on this website.


By accessing the website you are agreeing to both our Privacy Policy, Terms and Conditions and Membership Use (should you become a member).


To the extent permitted by law, we will in no way be liable to you or anyone else for any of the following:

  • Any loss or damage however caused
  • Indirect or direct consequential or economic
  • Any links from this website

Mens Toolbox reserves the right to refuse any link submitted for placement on our website. For approval of link placement, the link will need to meet the appropriate guidelines of Mens Toolbox.

The information provided on the Mens Toolbox website is provided in good trust and on a ‘guide only’ base. All information provided is believed to be current and accurate at the date and time that the information was published on the website. Mens Toolbox does not represent or provide a warranty to the reliability of any information published on this website, or that your interaction with the website will not be interrupted or mistake free.

Individuals should not disregard professional medical, mental health or legal advice because of something you have seen on this website. You are responsible for making your own assessment of any information on this website, and if you choose to rely on any information provided on this website to make decisions, it is completely at your own risk.

Mens Toolbox will not be held liable to you or anyone if misuse or damage to your computer system occurs in connection with our website or any linked websites. You are entirely responsible for ensuring all precautions are taken to protect your system from misuse or virus.

Mens Toolbox have the right to update or change information on this website without notice and will not be held liable for keeping information up to date.

If you choose to interact with this website, you must ensure that your interactions with this website is not under any of the following conditions:

  • Illegal
  • Prohibited by law’s that apply in your state/location

Your interactions with this Website

By interacting with the website, you agree to the following terms;

  • You will not use this website to defame, abuse, harass, stalk, or otherwise offend any person.
  • You will not publish anything unlawful.
  • You will not use any automated scripting tools or software.
  • You will not impersonate any other person or entity.
  • You will not share any information about another person without their consent for sharing the information, and consent of the websites privacy policy.
  • You will not breach any laws in your use of the website.

Mens Toolbox also uses cookies to collect statistical data. You can remove or block cookie in the settings in your web browser. You are completely responsible for removing or blocking cookie using on your computer. Mens Toolbox may also collect and store the following information during your visit to our website to maintain and improve effectiveness of our website;

  • Name of the domain used to access the internet
  • Date and time, you accessed the website
  • The internet address of the website you may have linked to the website
  • The pages you visited during your visit to the website
  • The type of device you used to access the website
  • Your location of which you accessed the website

Your participation in our online courses

By enrolling and participating with our online courses All Courses – Mens Toolbox, you agree and consent to the following statement: –

All online courses are delivered by Mens Toolbox [ABN:23554615450] and are strictly available to adults 18 years and over living in Australia. You agree prior to enrolling that you are 18 years and over and living in Australia. Our programs provide general information only. The information and other content provided in our programs or in any linked materials should not be interpreted as professional advice. Our programs are not a substitute for professional mental health expertise or treatment. If you have any medical or psychological conditions that may influence your participation in our programs, you should consult with your health care provider or seek other professional medical treatment prior to enrolling. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something that you have read in our programs or in any linked material. If any part of our programs causes you distress, please cease participation immediately, contact crisis support and get in touch with us  Crisis support – Lifeline Australia – 13 11 14 – Crisis Support. Suicide Prevention. If life is in danger, call 000 immediately.


All material on the Mens Toolbox website is Mens Toolbox copyright property or is used under license. All rights are reserved.

Mens Toolbox offers access to this Website, including downloading, printing and making a single copy in the original form for personal use only.

Website membership

Website membership allows you to interact and contribute to discussion forums and share your story. All views, comments and statements made within the forum do not assume Mens Toolbox agrees, nor does it reflect any endorsement from us.

Social Media

Mens Toolbox uses the follow social media platforms

  • Facebook
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  • TikTok
  • LinkedIn

All content on your social media pages is a public space and the responsibility of the individual’s terms and conditions of use of the appropriate social media provider.

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