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Meet our Founders

Through personal and professional experience, we joined forces in 2018 and Mens Toolbox was born. We are mothers of sons, we have partners, and we support our mates. We stand by our men.

Through personal experience we have watched our men suffer during relationship breakdowns, family separation and as victims of domestic violence. Through professional experience we recognise that men are not always the perpetrators and can be the victim of domestic and family violence. However, their story is seldom heard and their suffering is rarely acknowledged.

Our aim is to disrupt and unify with the intention of bridging the gap in support services in the knowledge that violence is not defined by gender, but by behaviour. In the current cultural and political environment support services are skewed towards women. To bring the pendulum back to centre; our focus must be on the male experience in relationship. Our hope is that ultimately products and services around relationship breakdowns, family separation and domestic and family violence will be focused on behaviour and not gender. Men are not always the perpetrator.

We are Renea Jury and Chris Richardson and our passion is providing support for men who are going through tough times.

About Mens Toolbox

‘Supporting men through relationship challenges, family separation and domestic violence matters’

‘We are passionate about making a difference’ 

Men report feeling underrepresented, misrepresented and alone in relationship matters.  If society continues to treat these matters as gendered issues, it only increases the divide, creating more problems and solves nothing. If we want a different outcome, we need to do something different #mentoo

The facts for Australian men are clear and concerning. In Australia:

  • relationship challenges, family separation and domestic violence contribute to mental health declines for men.
  • the median age of marriage for men is 32.2 years [ABS,2020].
  • the median age for separation for men is 41.7 years [ABS,2020].
  • the median age of divorce for men is 45.6 years {ABS,2020]
  • the median age of death by suicide for men is 43.6 [ABS,2020].
  • mental illness contributes to 90% of death by suicide.
  • one man dies by suicide every 4 hours [ABS,2020].

Relationship challenges, family separation processes and domestic violence against men, all have an undeniable negative influence on mental health and wellbeing.  #mentoo deserve the opportunity to access services and assistance tailored to them, in matters such as, but not limited to:

  • Relationship advice for men.
  • Separation advice for men.
  • Domestic violence against men.
  • Male counselling services.

What we do

We provide a broad range of products and services for men, which aim to:
  • Prevent the onset of mental health decline
  • Provide early intervention to improve mental health outcomes
  • Provide specialised/expert treatment for mental health decline

Why we do it

Because men deserve equal opportunities:
  • Relationship challenges cause decreases in mental health
  • Mental illness contributes to death by suicide for men
  • There is a gap in services and assistance for men’s mental health, particularly regarding relationship challenges

We here at Mens Toolbox acknowledge the gender differences in stress responses, listening styles and communication styles and how those factors influence relationships. Therefore, we believe a gender specific approach to recovery is required.

Our team of professionals provide evidence-based methods delivering education and tools to deal with life’s daily challenges, as well as the big point-in-time relationship challenges.  Our aim is to help you to improve quality of life and increase self-awareness by learning more about you and how your personality, stress response, and recovery from stress; play a role in the relationship you have with yourself and those that matter.  Whether it is prevention, early intervention, or treatment, we have you covered #mentoo  Men’s Toolbox | Our Services (

  • Our Commitment:

    is to support men through relationship challenges, family separation and domestic violence matters.

  • Our Vision:

    is to bridge the gap in support services for men.

  • Our Mission:

    is to listen, to learn without judgment, and to believe men when others may not. We treat men like men with a solution focussed approach.

“If we want something to change, we need to do something differently”

Please note, we are not a crisis support service.  If your matter requires crisis support, please contact Lifeline Australia – 13 11 14 – Crisis Support. Suicide Prevention.  If life is in danger, call 000 immediately.

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