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Relationship Challenges: A Guide for Men

PostedJanuary 17, 2024

All relationships have their rocky patches no matter how connected you feel to your partner. Just because you are feeling disconnected or in conflict does not mean the relationship is at an end. This is a good opportunity to re-evaluate your connection and engage in behaviours and effective communication that encourage transparency in your relationship.

Are you checking in with yourself and your partner to make sure you are on the same page?

Have you thought about reviewing your contract with your partner? This might be a weird question in terms of relationship issues but think about it! If your job description changed significantly, you would be reviewing your contract and role, right?

Most relationships falter when events or situations change and we don’t process our emotions or behaviours around them. Our partner might also not be processing their perspective. When we experience a sense of disconnection from ourselves or our partner, it is on us to stop, figure out what is going on and then communicate with each other. This allows for transparency in the relationship but also allows for us to renegotiate our contract with each other. For example, say one person gets a new job, how does that work in the relationship dynamic? We mostly don’t consider these things, but it is important to do so.

When relationship challenges are experienced, this is a good time to re-evaluate how to move forward in a meaningful way and get back on the same page whilst being mindful not to fall back into bad habits or previous traps. Keep an eye out for these top five challenges so that you and your partner can evolve your relationship in a positive manner.

Recent Australian research conducted in 2022 found that the top five relationship challenges are:-

  1. Effective communication.
  2. Unfulfilled expectations in relationships.
  3. Values and Beliefs in Relationships.
  4. Division of Household Tasks in Relationships.
  5. Money Problems in Relationships.

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(Mens Toolbox, 2024)

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